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Touching the Surface

Ongoing Renewal 

Wellness and Massage Therapy Clinic 
-Private Practice- 

Imagine a place that is dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself. 


At Ongoing Renewal, our mission is to assist in improving our Client's health and well-being.  We believe that if we give you the tools and support to take an active role in eliminating chronic pain you can take back control and enjoy a more vibrant state of active health.
We believe that a massage can balance your body and revitalize your most precious resources for Physical Health. 
We provide relaxation and healing through several different massage techniques depending on your needs and physical condition. 
We strive to honor the body by offering a professional and personalized massage experience that will help you attain, reduce or eliminate the pain you are experiencing.  


Our Core Values

Hand Massage

Holistic Health


Personalized Care 





We emphasize the integration of body, mind, and spirit in your therapy sessions. Our approach is not just about addressing specific ailments but about nurturing overall well-being.

Each client receives tailored treatments based on their unique physical conditions, preferences, and wellness goals. This approach ensures more effective and satisfying results.

We educate clients about their conditions and the role of massage in managing and improving their health.

We offer a range of pricing options to make massage therapy accessible to various economic backgrounds.

We create an inclusive environment that welcomes clients of all ages, abilities, and health conditions.

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