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"Wendy is a very caring, knowledgeable, and gifted therapist. She helped me recover from a severe hamstring pull. She also helped me with my chronic low back and neck pain. I highly recommend seeing Wendy for all your body aches, pains, and injuries. You will walk away feeling like a new person."

- Billee Foster 

"My shoulder was giving me serious pain and Wendy gave me a tissue massage. I had been to countless chiropractors and nothing helped. After the massage, I felt 100% better and had full use of my shoulder (or what felt like full use)!"

-Sandra Wicks 

"Wendy's knowledge of the human body extends far beyond massage. While working with her, she was able to provide stretches and exercises for the areas that were an issue, so as to avoid future aches and pains while increasing the body's functionality"

-Erick Karch. 

"Wendy is a talented muscle reader. She uses her education and intuitive ability to talk to my body and let my muscles learn a new way of holding that facilitates their optimal function and health. I have had two motor vehicle accidents causing injury to my muscles resulting in chronic discomfort and pain.  I have suffered from this condition for almost twenty years now. I have come to value massage as a way of managing and supporting my healing process. I have worked with many massage therapists now and in my past. I find her touch to be one of the best I have experienced. She can get into the deepest and oldest of my injuries without making me feel pain or discomfort. If you or a loved one want to feel better and smile more call Wendy she can help.  She has helped me, thank you, Wendy!"

-Amy Norton

"I first went to see Wendy after I had not been able to move my neck and had extreme pain in my Upper Back. After the first session, she made it possible for me to move my neck and feel significant relief in my back. We developed a plan together for the next several months, and after two months I have significantly less pain, and now we have moved to a maintenance plan. She is extremely knowledgeable and has given me helpful stretches to do daily to help minimize pain in my shoulder and back. I would recommend her, she does a wonderful job!"​
-Jacqulyn Kiefer. 

"I got hurt at work almost 2 years ago. My injury is on my back due to patient care. The doctor recommended medical massage. It's been a blessing to have Wendy as my massage therapist working on my back giving me heat and cold therapy. Every time I go get massage, my back feels better, less painful and more relaxed.  Her techniques makes a difference in my life. She is a blessing from God , because my back needs the special massage that I need."

-Patricia Kelley

"My name is Adelita and I would like to share the awesome job that Wendy does. Wendy has blessed hands that have helped me with my healing of my back issue and the recovery from my recent back surgery. Wendy is very informative and helps you to understand what is going on with your issue. When Wendy is done with her massage therapy, you feel a difference. YOU FEEL BETTER! Wendy is a very kind and caring person who is ready to help make a difference in your life. Thank you Wendy for all you do and for the care that you have for your customers."

-Adelita Chavez 

"My name is Berta. A year ago I hurt my back at work. I had to go to a chiropractor for treatment but that didn’t help with the pain. This ended up interrupting my daily activities. After being treated with her medical massage, I noticed a big difference. My pain decreased and slowly I was able to do the activities I used to. I highly recommend her for any pain, muscle spasm, or even stress that you may have. I am grateful to Wendy for this."​
-Berta Recinos. 

"When I was going to Wendy I was in a lot of pain. After a few weeks of seeing her my pain had dropped down to a 5 and towards the end of my visits, I was at a 2. I didn't need to take pain pills to be able to do my daily duties. I was able to look to the left and upwards. All of the deep tissue massages and home exercises helped me out incredibly. Since I've seen her I have recommended her to family and friends..thank you."

-Jeannie Silva 

"I started seeing Wendy after my Shoulder injury. She was able to help me get through the pain that I was in. She showed me exercises and stretches to help me get better or at least until my next visit. She explains what she is doing and how it will help me. I'm very happy to have her as my therapist. I would highly recommend her and anyone for her services!"

-Ronnie Gonzales 

"I am a 53-year-old woman who has been suffering from neck and back pain for a long time. Wendy has been able to help stop the pain and show me why. I have used many professional massage therapy and no one was able to help me like Wendy!
I just want people to know how wonderful your technique and knowledge in massage is."

-Lisa Bendel-Way. 

"Hi, my name is Patrick Cardona. Last year I was involved in a work-related accident where I had emergency surgery. After my surgery I had so much scar tissue it would cause me a great deal of pain and my mobility was limited. A good friend of mine highly recommended for I go to Wendy's for a deep tissue massage and I'm happy I did! Wendy has helped me tremendously, my pain is down and I can move around a lot better. Wendy is very professional at what she does. She walked me through every step of the way explaining how things work and why she does certain things. I will recommend Wendy to anyone seeking massage therapy. I look forward to continuing treatment with her because I know I'm in the best of hands literally! Thanks, Wendy you're the best!"

-Patrick Cardona

"Wendy is my go-to massage girl. She works with excellence and professionalism. I love that she listened to my concerns and was diligent in helping my shoulder pain and headaches. Not only did she help me to no longer have headaches but she showed me stretches and movements that I could do at home to continue to feel better. Without hesitation, I have gladly recommended my friends and family to see her."​

-MacKenzie Garza

"Wendy is amazing! As a child, I stepped on a piece of glass and had to have stitches on the bottom of my foot. About every 15 years l have experienced pain when the scar tissue presses on the nerve. I've gone to a foot doctor and then weeks of ultrasound, 2-3 times a week. Wendy saw me once and worked out the scar tissue with her hands until it was almost gone. It is saving me so much money and time. Thank you, Wendy!"

-Cheryl Grant 

"I suffered whiplash from a car accident a year ago. I had been through physical therapy and dry needling for many, many months. I went back to my doctor and said “This isn’t working for me.” I came across Wendy Castillo and figured I would give her a try. I needed something to help me with the headaches I was having every day. Well, I ended up liking her so much that I have continued to see her. She not only teaches me about my body but the massage and techniques she uses are so helpful. She uses whatever is necessary for you to get relief. Most of us sit around most days and never use important parts of our body. Yes, we exercise but do not use certain muscles. Wendy feels that these unused muscles need to be stretched, so that is what she does. I have felt a difference. The days I go to her, are the nights I sleep the best. The reward for me though is not having constant headaches. She is magical!"

-Cyndy Winters

"My name is Angel Navarro. About 3 years ago I came to Wendy with an oilfield injury. It was a pretty bad leg injury that I felt was never going to be normal again. Over a couple of years, I had to come to her at least a couple of times a week. While going to these sessions she not only helped with the pain but she was teaching me in the process. Always let me know what she was doing and why it was going to be beneficial in helping me with a healing process. Not only is Wendy one of the people I have to thank for helping me with my injury, but she is also the person I have to thank for the direction my career has taken. Talking to Wendy made me realize that massage therapy is what I want to do and she helped show me the way. I will now be graduating in April."

-Angel Navarro 

”Wendy is awesome! She was able to pinpoint my tight muscles and massage away the discomfort. As an active athlete who does not properly stretch, I get massages often. And Wendy is one of the very best -- if not THE best -- I've ever had. Highly recommend her!
- Joy Pickar

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